Superior Small Business Health Insurance Broker in Northeast Ohio

Health insurance for self-employed workers is a hot topic when it comes to owning your own business

Siegfried Insurance is not only a leading provider of health and life insurance for individuals and families–but also for Cleveland’s thriving community of small businesses. Whether you have a team of five or 50, we are in the business of helping you select the right health insurance for your small business.

Why Health Insurance for Small Business Has a Big Impact

Your small business is more than a job–it’s your livelihood. You naturally rely on your team of employees to help you effectively run your business. In turn, they expect and rely on you for adequate choices in health insurance benefits.

Because having appropriate health insurance is so critical, it can play a significant role in recruiting and retaining some of your industry’s finest employees. Employers that offer health insurance as part of its employee benefits package recognize the value reduced health care expenses have for workers and their families.


In addition to significant tax benefits, providing affordable health insurance options for your small business employees and their families can have other big payoffs for your business itself. When your employees are receiving the medical care they need, are not worried about their family’s health care needs, and are less stressed over medical costs and payment options, your business will benefit by having healthier and more productive workers. It’s truly a win-win.

Put Siegfried Insurance to Work for Your Small Business

Navigating and selecting health insurance options can be a huge undertaking for any company–but especially a small business that might have more limited resources. At no cost to you, Siegfried Insurance will personally meet with you and your employees to discover your particular needs, learn about your specific budget, and design a small business health insurance solution that is appropriate for your business. We are the small business insurance broker that will save you money and help you achieve a healthier bottom line. As there are a number of different routes small businesses can take–some options when approved can save employers and employees 30-40% in premium savings–it is key to work with the right agent.

In addition to small group insurance plans, Siegfried Insurance also provides comprehensive services in the following areas:


Health Insurance

With the right health insurance, you can protect against potential financial hardships for yourself or your family should any future medical situations arise. The confidence you can feel knowing you have that safeguard set in place is truly priceless.



For individuals 65 years or older, or for those who qualify because of a disability or other special situation, Original Medicare is the federal health care option. It’s important you understand the ins and outs of this program for yourself or your loved ones, and to have the resources you need to make the right plan choice.

Life Insurance

Protect your greatest asset–your family–with term or whole life insurance. Should the unexpected happen, your investment in life insurance will safeguard your family’s future expenses.

Supplemental Insurance

Life is unpredictable but medical care is predictably expensive. Filling in the gaps of basic health insurance with supplemental coverage can protect you when it comes to specific medical areas such as accidents, critical care, and more.

If you are in need of small business health insurance, Ben Siegfried is happy to speak with you personally and answer any questions you have.

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